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Well it's summer and IRL is taking its toll on everyone I suppose. Death Count - currently 3/12 in Hard Mode ICC 10man and 8 / 12 in ICC 25man is back to aggressive recruiting for some solid dps on the US-RUNETOTEM server.

We are currently recruiting all dps. When applying, keep in mind that we look for a balance of performance and attendance. Even after recruitment closes, consistent presence in our raids will most likely grant you a permanent spot (and lack thereof, cost you one) as we are a guild that doesn't like to put up with attendance bosses =)

Our current raid schedual is Thursdays and Sundays from 7pm - 11pm SERVER TIME.

For any further questions or to post an app please feel free to message Onoze or Versacee in game or post on our forums at

See ya all in game!
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