<Energy> of Gilneas LF Skilled Players

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<Energy> of Gilneas LF Skilled Players

Post#1 » Fri May 28, 2010 6:24 am

Energy is a relaxed end game raiding guild that started as a group of friends with exceptional skill and has progressed. Our members like to have fun and still get the job done. Our progression includes:

ToGC25: 4/5
ToGC10: Tribute to Skill
ICC25: 2/12 Hardmodes
ICC10: 6/12 Hardmodes

Currently we are looking to expand our family with a few skilled like minded players to fill our core ICC25. All solid applications will be considered, however our immediate openings for core positions are:

Paladin -Holy
Rogue - Combat
Warrior - DPS

Raid times are 7pm-11pm EST Mon. - Thurs. with 10 mans being held on the off nights. Attendance is extremely important as we do keep a small close knit group for raiding. A 90% attendance policy is a must. Ventrilo is required as well as common raiding mods (ex. DBM, Big Wigs, Omen). Being able to move out of fire is also mandatory, unless you are Darkeagle.

There is a trial period to make sure Energy is a good fit for you. During the trial period exceptional attendance is a MUST. You will be expected to show up for raids on time with any flasks, food, other consumables and any other materials required to perform at the top of your game.

We use a DKP system with private bidding. DKP is earned as a trial member, so you will be eligible for loot as soon as you start.

Energy offers a fun, relaxed, friendly raiding environment. Most of our members LOVE achievements so we do try for those often. We have guild repairs, discounted flasks, enchants, and gems for main upgrades, as well as several other ways of assisting members to get what they need. There are many members who organize alt runs for fun. For more information or to apply please check out our website at:


Thank you for your time and consideration. Best of luck to you and happy guild hunting!
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Re: <Energy> of Gilneas LF Skilled Players

Post#2 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:49 pm


Raid times are Mon-Thurs 7pm-11pm EST

Still recruiting for:

DPS Warrior
Combat Rogue

Lich King is down, so starting hardmodes on reset.

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