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The Dead Rabbits are currently open for raiders intrested in 10/25man ICC. We are a fun, mature guild of adults (18+ only please) who are focused on 25man ICC, and a more open 10man ICC.

Our 25man raid times are Wend-Frid & Sunday from 745pm ST to 11-1130pm ST, and we run 10mans on Tues & Sat.

We are currently intrested in healing classes (we <3 trees), druid tank and ranged DPS.
Priority for Recruitment:
DeathKnights - Low
Druids - High (Resto, Tank)
Hunters - Low
Mages - Low
Paladins - Low
Priest - Medium
Rouges - Low
Shamans - High (All Flavors)
Warlocks - Medium
Warriors - Low

*We will consider any app who can meet minimum requirements.

Please visit our application thread for more info:

Or contact one of our officers (Ludax, Myrrin & Chion)

And as always please remember that joining willl ressult in the loss of your DEHTA membership.

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