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Resurgence Recruiting

Post#1 » Tue Mar 16, 2010 3:19 am

A new guild Resurgence will now be recruiting new members for our ICC progression group. We currently have a shadow priest, a mage, a tree, a holy priest, a bear, a rogue, a deathknight and a tankadin. We currently are recruiting for that group a competent hunter and a healer shaman. Besides all of that, we will be trying to recruit for our second ICC group in order to progress further and faster. At the moment, we've downed up to saurfang on our first group and have yet to really attempt festergut/rotface seriously. I know that with those two spots filled in the guild we could go much further much faster. Remember, we are looking to start up our second ICC group to move further faster. Invites will not be given due to gearscore or achievements. Every prospect will get a trial by fire to see how you handle the group and the raid. If your interested and geared, we will CONSIDER you. If you have further questions and / or you'd like to set up a trial by fire from us, Please contact Myself on Shandu or email me at Much appreciated, and cheers mates :good:

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