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The Dark Council/The Cursed - Both guilds

Post#1 » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:21 pm

Since on Wildhammer there is 2 guilds that are basically the same guild both of which is a scrub guild that loves to cause drama and make on malicious lies about other players to save their own screw ups ...

On a recent raid, Nereve/Rio asked Kuroheart to come and tank 10 ICC raid, during the raid everyone but 3 people were screwing around in vent and on the 1st boss, after 2 wipes Kuroheart mentioned in vent that after this attempt he was gonna call it a night due to work in the morning. Hamai (GM of The Dark Council) rudely yelled at him told him to adjust his attitude and she was basically healing the raid by herself since the other healer was not comfortable with healing it nor geared enough to heal it. After 3 failed attempt, all of which Kuroheart was the only remaining tank standing, Kuroheart got booted from guild, vent, and raid because he could carry them. Also during this raid was suppose to be OT but mid trash clear got told hes MT cause he was better geared then the Feral druid. Now he did have miscommunication on which way the tanks were gonna be off steping but hardly any reason to cause all this drama imo.

Also I have multiple screen shots and sound recordings of ALL of that raid ... sadly to say worse leading ever done imo

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