How to search Oceanic realms?

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How to search Oceanic realms?

Post#1 » Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:35 am

Edit: Nm, now it works, using US zone. I tried searching the entire realm under the realm tab, and Thaurissan auto-populated in the drop-down box. Then I copied and pasted that into the character search page, and it worked. Pretty sure my spelling of the realm name was correct the first time though, since I copied and pasted it directly from my wowarmory URL. Anyway, works now, gtg.

Hi guys, I just transferred from a US realm to an Oceanic realm (Thaurissan), and find I can't search for my toon on wow-heroes.

There's no zone option for Oceanic, and when I try searching under all the other zones, I either get a message that my realm does not exist (US, EU), or the zone is not available (CN, KR, TW).

Are Oceanic realms supported? Thanks.

PS - I checked the stickied FAQ and searched the forums for 'Oceanic', but no info came up.

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