25 Man WotLK Sign-up (Horde)

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25 Man WotLK Sign-up (Horde)

Post#1 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:37 pm

New chat channel has been made for 25 man raids mainly focusing on 25 man TotC and ICC content.

Type /join LF25mans

Also people are allowed to sign up for a raid be either responding to this thread/ e-mailing my Wow-Heroes account or by sending a message to Salus in game. Raid times will be at noon server every Saturday that does not land on a holiday, and signing up for 1 week will allow you to be eligible for the next 2 raid times.

Every one is welcome to sign-up but as always just because you sign up does not mean you will go. There will of course be gear requirements to ensure that people are pulling their weight instead of being "carried" through the raid and also vent will be required too (Mic is not a requirement).

Also by signing up means you will be aggreeing to the raid rules and loot rules listed below.

Raid Rules

1) Come to raid. Please have the time allotted for raiding, most likely 3-4 hours or until called.

2) Please handle all personal issues with dignity and class. Do not just leave a raid because there is some1 there you don't like....this is to gear up and have fun. It is not your counseling session.

3) No screaming, obnoxious music or playback in vent. Vent language will be established prior to starting the raid to ensure the maturity level. Some people will have speakers and at times little ears around that are easily encourage-able.

4) Grab your Doritos and Vault and be prepared to HAVE FUN

Loot Rules

There are Need/Greed Main/Greed Off/Free-for-All (FFA). Every1 will get a chance at gear. You will be limited 1 Need roll (IE: Gear, Trophies, Tokens). Ounce every1 in that job has used up their need rolls, they will reset. Greed rolls will first go to Main Spec and then to Off-spec. Greed rolls are used when not all the need rolls are used but the gear might be a downgrade for the individuals with need rolls left. Greed rolls will apply if you have already won something. FFA rolls is when no class can benefit for the gear or certain items (IE: Crusaders Orb's) to either be disenchanted or sold to a vendor.

There will be special loot that will require special requirements before rolling. Primordial Saronite you must link your ICC Rep ring to show that you are at leased honored and qualify for certain quests to where it is a requirement. Also any Profession drops will be rolled on by a who can use basis.

If you have any other questions or wish to sign up please contact me here or in game.

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