Why 2 GS calculations?!

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Why 2 GS calculations?!

Post#1 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:53 pm

So my husband and I rejoin the game after being gone for a year... we have lvl's to catch up on and gear to replace. Since I never raided before and was only 64, I had alot of work. He was in almost all epic gear but from Classic and BC. After working our way through a few levels and a couple of weeks, we're hearing GS and Gear Score bandied about like it's a must have... ok, we did notice item levels now on gear (and BC gear woefully underscored IMHO), but what does it all mean?

So we go online, we find out, and we download a GS addon suggested on elitistjerks.com. Yay, we have GS now... except that mine says 2872 (all blues, one purple) and hubby is over 3k with a few pieces of purple. I talk to a friend, tell them we managed to get gearscores that seemed decent, and he couldn't understand what we were talking about... his toon has some of the best gear in the game and isn't over 3k.

So I ask... WHAT is the proper gear score?! The addon we got seems to place value numbers on gear, ie. my staff is item score 187, GS per addon is 432.


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Re: Why 2 GS calculations?!

Post#2 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:13 pm

Wow-heroes web site have no connection with gear score addon, and there is a huge difference between scoring system.

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