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Amanita Virosa is a semi-new raiding guild. Some of us go way back, others have just arrived. We are focusing on two 10man icc groups right now, and plan to move to 25 with those five more rockstar accounts attached. We span a decent range of ages and generally have a blast. We would say we are casual, and we are. But we like downing bosses and being on the forefront of new content as a fairly new guild gives us a pretty good feeling. So if you too are a wow nerd, like going to Tankspot and bettering yourself, just haven't found the right group of misfits, then this is the place for you.

Visit to apply and just check us out.

We have plans as we fill out to go into Cataclysm lookin fly. We will be shooting for stellar achieves in Uld and the like to improve our guild ranking and have a fairly good lead into what the new guild advancement system will be when it comes out.
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