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Lost Boss Kills

Post#1 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:55 am


I recently took over as GM of my guild, but guildies assure me that they cleared Nax many months ago. I'm confused because our ranking shows us missing the Construct and Military ward but clearing the rest? Many members did leave after they cleared, but come back when I took over as GM.

I did think this might have been due to members leaving, but i see guilds like The Knight Stalkers which basically disbanded and now only has 7 members being accredited with clearing Nax.

Any ideas why this is?

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Re: Lost Boss Kills

Post#2 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:29 am

Guild progress:
- can be updated by guild master (rank 0) or officers(rank 1,2 and 3) from their guild
- guild progress for all guilds is verified by achievements
- automatic update by wow-heroes :each guild need to have at least 5 guild members that got requested achievement at the same time /date for 10 man instances, and 15 people for 25 man to be accounted for guild progression (verified by achievements,updated every 3-5 days)
- manual update by guild master/officers: same as for automatic update ,or each guild need to have at least 10 guild members with requested achievement done for 10 man instances, and 25 people for 25 man to be accounted for guild progression (also verified by achievements)
- for each achievement/boss kill guild receives points, the sooner you do it, you get higher "bonus" points, but this bonus will never be higher than the amount of points you get for another achievement.
-You can create an account by clicking on "sign in" button in upper right corner on wow-heroes main page or you can use this direct link.

To update guild progress you need to :
- register account
- wait for activation mail (use the code from the mail) ,after that you will see button "My account" in upper right corner of wow-heroes main page
- claim your character that is a officer in your guild
- use option "Guild progress" in "My account" list
-select a guild where your character is an officer and choose instance/mode you want to update (ie Naxxramas:Normal)
-click on the field "Completed" beside achievement that you want to update,that will open a little calendar for you where you can simple select date when you finished requested achievement and then click on "Update" button below.

I really hope this tips will help you ,if not feel free to ask me everything you want to know.

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