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Katagari Guild on Anatheron

Post#1 » Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:39 am

Hello all!!! :D I am just going to tell you about our guild and if your interested you can look us up! We have around 250 members (most are active and some are alts), have currently 4 bank tabs and it is almost always completely full. We have someone on all the time at all times. We try to do something once a week as a guild either for high lvls or for low lvls (it alternates). We don't raid that much as we don't have enough high lvl players but we are looking for high lvls who are interested!!!! Usually for a raid we team up with another guild. We have pple of all ages and so the only rules are to respect each other and no cussing. If anyone needs anything out of the guild vault and can't get it out themselves an officer is always willing to get it for them so long as it is needed. We help each other out either by helping someone who is getting ganked or by running someone through an instance. If you are interested or have any questions just ask us!!! :D

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