Update discrepancies?

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Update discrepancies?

Post#1 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:17 pm

EDIT (I struck the first question... I thought WoW-Heroes showed we were updated today but it wasn't a WoW-Heroes page that I was looking at... oops. :sorry: WoW-Heroes now shows us updated.

Anyway, I was still wondering about the 2nd question below.

We completed "Keepers of Ulduar" achievement this past Monday (8-3) -- but I noticed the WoW Armory has the achievement dated 8-4. That seemed quite odd as (a) the server is on US/Pacific time and our raids end at 9pm "server time" and (b) the server went down at midnight 8-4 due for Patch 3.2 application and our realm had additional extended maintenance (hardware reconfiguration) on 8-4.

If I had to guess I'd say that Blizzard took the armory down early (before taking the realms down) so the armory update didn't get reflected until the armory came back up later the following day.

The WoW Armory date is wrong but this left me wondering which date to enter. I wanted to enter the *real* date (8-3). Since the WoW Armory showed 8-4 I went ahead and entered this date anyway (knowing it's a day later) and that it really only matters if two ranked guild got the achievement on the same night.

Q2: In the case of an Armory discrepancy, would you recommend that when we manually queue, we enter the *real* date or should we enter the date as it appears in the Armory (which is what I ultimately did)?

Thanks for making WoW Heroes available to us!

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Re: Update discrepancies?

Post#2 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:13 pm

Both dates are valid as long as your guild have requested amount of people present on the kill.
Gz on the kill :)

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