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<Crimson Fury> Cho'gall

Post#1 » Thu May 21, 2009 9:28 pm

Guild Name: Crimson Fury
Faction: Horde
Realm: US
Realm Type: PvP
Realm Timezone: Central
Raid Times: Tues - Fri @ 7pm - 11 or 12 server

We are a newly put together guild that enjoys getting content cleared while at the same time, having fun with it. We like to be casual about raids so that its not like another job, while at the same time we try and be serious enough to where we are able to clear content.

Our focus at the moment is filling our roster. We are accepting any and all level 80s whether you are geared or not. We do not mind farming heroics and doing 10/25 man naxx in order to gear out our members. We also do not mind hosting raids that are pugged if that is what it takes to get our people geared. Ultimately we will be progressing into Ulduar and beyond but until then we are more concerned about developing a great team chemistry.

If you are interested contact "Bluntski" or any other members of the Crimson Fury guild for a ginvite.

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