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Frost Talent Tree should include:
Runic Power Mastery 3/3
Nerves of Cold Steel 3/3
Annihilation 3/3
Endless Winter 2/2
Merciless Combat 3/3
Chill of the Grave 2/2
Killing Machine 3/3
Rime 3/3
Pillar of Frost 1/1
Improved Icy Talons 1/1
Brittle Bones 2/2
Hungering Cold 1/1
Improved Frost Presence 2/2
Threat of Thassarian 3/3
Howling Blast 1/1

Unholy Tree should include:
Epidemic 3/3
Virulence 3/3

Blood Tree should include:
Bladed Armor 3/3
*Results may vary depending on play style and/or rotation comfortability*
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