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My DK is on the Blade's Edge server and his name is Jyndal. I have a gs of 2433, yet I struggle to put out 3k dps. Most times I'm only able to get up around 2.8k unbuffed. I've tried several rotations, and the best one I've found is as follows
Groups - IT, PS, Pest, HS, HS, DC, Pest, HS, HS, DS
Boss - IT, PS, DS, HS, HS, Hyst, DRW, ERW, IT, PS, HSx3, DC, Pest, and then keep hitting DS, HS as they come up, being sure to refresh my diseases with Pest as needed.

If anyone has any advice on what I could be doing better, or if there's an issue with my gear, I'd appreciate any input.
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Moar gear.
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Just some advice on your rotation and spec a little bit. You don't need those points in Vendetta or Vampiric Blood. Those are more of leveling talents or tanking talents. You can put those points into Rune tap and imp. rune tap for extra healing in a pinch. Or you could put it in Blood worms instead of imp. rune tap. Your call. I personally didn't use bloodworms when I specced Blood. Now the way you are specced besides that is great, but you don't need glyph of disease. Its pointless. You have a 21 second disease duration with your spec and with that you can get a really good rotation. Here it is: IT PS HS HS DS DC HoW(for the bonus 10 runic power) DS HS HS HS HS DC DC. Rinse repeat. Its a very tight rotation. No play time, but it greatly improves dps then what you are doing. Also you may want to get Glyph of Raise Dead. The little bit of damage you take from Blood tap when it is used is not even noticeable in blood spec because you'll heal it so quickly and the ghoul helps your dps a good little bit. This is just a personal preference too, but since in this rotation you use DC so much, put three points in Morbidity and four in necrosis. Hope this helps. If you want any more information on gemming and enchanting to imrpove dps I would be glad to help. Let me know. :)
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Simple, I can help ya out.

First of, your rotation is wrong. Hysteria, Dancing Rune weapon is something you dont do with a macro or rotation, including Pestilence. However, you do use Pestilence in a rotation just not in the macro. Which is very important to remember. Here I will show you my reotation macro:

Code: Select all
 /castsequence [button:1] reset=combat/target/6 Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Death Strike, Death Coil, Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Heart Strike, Death Coil, Death Coil
/cast !Rune Strike

It's comfortable becouse after first two clicks you can use pestilence if your on trash and if your on a boss you dont need to do anything else then spam. It automaticly does Rune Strike when it pops up, and I manage to do around 7-8k DPS right now in a 10-Man Raid with my Blood DPS Spec. However right now I'm specced both Unholy tanking and DPS. Which is quiet different. However Blood is still better DPS, Unholy is more management.

Your spec should be 51/0/20

Code: Select all
Blood Tree:
2/2 | 3/3 | 0/5
5/5 | 0/3 | 2/2
1/1 | 5/5 | 3/3
3/3 | N/A | 0/3 | 0/3
3/3 | 3/3 | 0/1
3/3 | 2/2 | N/A
0/3 | 1/1 | 1/2
2/2 | 3/3 | 0/1
0/3 | 1/1 | 3/3
N/A | 5/5 | N/A
N/A | 1/1 | N/A

Frost Tree:

Unholy Tree:

2/2 | 3/3 | 0/5
2/2 | 3/3 | 0/2 | 1/3
0/3 | 5/5 | 0/1
N/A | 0/2 | 3/3 | 0/2

There you go, its easy and simple. It is possible to change your spec within the Unholy Tree. Though do not spent more then 1 in Frost Tree and more then 20 in Unholy Tree otherwise no Dancing Rune Weapon for ya. And I highly suggest if you do switch some talent ranks around in the Unholy tree. Make sure you change it within the talents I posted, the rest is pretty much useless for Blood DPS.
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