Heavy borean armor kits

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Heavy borean armor kits

Post#1 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:19 am

Why all the hate?
18stam = 190HP with talents, 209 when adding kings, yet when rating enchants...

heavy borean kit: 5points
150HP to chest enchant: 10 points
200HP to chest enchant 12 points

On gloves:
Yes, 15 expertise is awesome threat and will reduce damage slightly with fewer parry hasted swings (we're talking less than 1% reduction here) but I'd call it more equal to 18stam instead of 3 times more valuable at 15 points. Also the 240 armor kit has been worked out to be less EH than 18stamina yet gets 2 points more than the kit at 7 never mind the collection of glove enchants listed that have nothing to do with survival, only your threat and DPS which somehow rate higher on the scale.

EH is the first thing to measure when deciding whether a tank belongs in a particular instance or not. Threat (and DPS) comes after that, it has to.... a dead tank holds no threat.

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Re: Heavy borean armor kits

Post#2 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:28 pm

I'd like to emphasize my agreement with the orignal poster. +18 stamina to gloves gets ranked with 5 points and +2% threat and 10 parry rating is a 15?!?

I'm not saying Armsman isn't a good enchant... if you're having threat problems. But MOST tanks these days really aren't. So instead of doing 5,000 TPS I'm at 5,100 TPS. And +10 parry rating at level 80 is almost laughable. You need 49.185 rating to get 1% *before* diminishing returns kicks in. So that's roughly .2% avoidance *best case*. Compare that to +18 stamina that gets increased by talents and Blessing of Kings and I think the numbers should be reversed. give 15 to the +18 stam kit and 5 to Armsman.

In all the Effective Health and Time to Live scenarios I've run, +18 stamina wins out.

Edit for Honesty... in *most* of the EH & TTL scenarios +18 stam wins out. But even when it doesn't "win", it's really damn close. Certainly should have more than 5 points imo.

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Re: Heavy borean armor kits

Post#3 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:03 pm

This is entirely true. The expertise is marginally useful to tankadins, and just about strictly inferior to the armor kit. To give you an idea, one point of strength gives about as much threat as three expertise rating in a single target scenario. So compare five strength versus 18 stamina.

I personally prefer armsman to the kit, but the difference is minor. 10 parry rating is laughable avoidance after DR is figured in (remember that parry granted by defense rating, which all tanks should have in large amounts to get uncrittable, also counts toward this). 2% threat scales really nicely, but how often has someone pulled threat off you by 2%? I'd make the armor kit at least a twelve, probably a 15. Threat should almost always take a back seat to survivability, except for unusual fights.

I actually made my account to comment on this and was unsurprised to see the topic on the front page.

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Re: Heavy borean armor kits

Post#4 » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:37 am

Take my case for example, Nomos of The Scryers. I have a heavy borean armor kit on my tanking boots. I also have talented a 15% run speed increase, yet the tuskarr vitality enchant is rated higher by 7 with 3 less stamina. What gives?

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