Savagery for Fury Warriors

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Savagery for Fury Warriors

Post#1 » Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:59 pm

With Titan's Grip, a warrior can d/w savagery enchants, which, in my mind, would be just as, if not more useful than either a mongoose or executioner. Sustained +10 dps, at the most basic level, which, taking the average 2h'r speed, about 3.5, would translate to 35 additional dmg per main hand attack, and 17.5 per off-hand, useful for WW and slam. So, assuming a single target premise, that is 52.5 more dmg per use of WW, without the talent, or with the +20% talent, it'd be about 63 per use, so 6.3 increased dps, and assuming you have a high crit (I average 47-49% crit chance in a raid), you'll be critting every other bloodthirst, so that'd be another 35 added dmg per 10 secs, 3.5 more, and furtherly, it adds 45% of the 140 to dmg to bloodthirst, so 63 more dmg per 5 secs, or 126 per 10, adding another 12.6 dps. This is overall a consistent 32.4 dps increase. Now, in an AoE evironment, it is much greater, since, assuming you have the WW glyph, you'll be multiplying that 6.3 from earlier by 5, getting 31.5, so, that'd be a 57.6 dps increase. Now, this is versus d/w mongoose (1 ppm iirc correctly, can stack), which'd average at about 60 agil and 1% haste or so (unless it has been increased) if the stats were to be spread across a whole fight. Now, that is about 1.5% crit chance, and 1% haste. 1% haste is applied only to white, and white dmg being on average 40% of my dmg, it only increases my dps by about 6 (I average 1400 dps in a basic raid environment), and the 1.5% crit would increase my dps by another 10 or so, so a 16 dps increase single target, versus the 32.4 from d/w savagery. I think it needs to have its score boosted from 0, to something with two digits. In no way related to me wanting to see SWP fully in the green. >.>

And no, I don't want to number crunch for executioner.

-Erinsoriac, Uldum Server

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