Enchant Weapon Lifeward

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Enchant Weapon Lifeward

Post#1 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:52 pm

Ok, I know alot of people see it and are like, "it's only about 400 on proc," but I can tell you for my pally it has been wonderfully helpful. The Blade Ward is a good enchant as well for a tank but only grants 200 parry rating and 600-800 dmg on parry to the target. Again that's not bad either but the fact remains that I've had Lifeward proc in frequency that it very well has saved my bacon in fights. For a pally it's extremely helpful as it can crit as well as hit on a multi-target attack like Hammer of Righteous and get all 3 hits to proc. That's 1200 non crit heal for free.

Blood Draining does sound like a good enchant as well, and if I had it myself I'd have tried it out but since I haven't been lucky enough for it to drop I don't have it. Also it's heal only procs when you drop below 35%. With Lifeward and my pally talents I've usually healed myself a good bit before I get to 35% from a larger hit.

So I ask, please give Lifeward the 15 point rating it deserves instead of the 0 rating you currently are giving like it's a mage getting a str enchant. I get tired of seeing a good enchant rated like it's completely crap, and even mongoose and the 26 agility are rated 15 for a tank.

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Re: Enchant Weapon Lifeward

Post#2 » Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:12 pm

Life ward is junk man, I don't know any top game tanks that use it, or find it worth a second thought. I made a coment on another similar thread to this effect but... Lifeward procs at random times, more likely than not when you don't need it. Blood Drain heals you when you need it giving it value. mongoose has superior uptime to blade ward, and seeing as we gain no extra benefit from parry as a warrior does, mongoose comes out on top as far as pure avoidance enchants. If you want more threat Titanium weapon chain is the best, and if you want something static go with 26 agi to smooth out damage spikes.

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