+15 Chest Enchants for mages

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+15 Chest Enchants for mages

Post#1 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:41 pm

There really are very few good chest enchants for mages. It boils down to +10 stats and Greater Mana Restoration. Other sites such as be.imba.hu recognize these as top enchants for mages - yet this site doesn't give it a +15 for greater mana restoration for a mage. As it is arguable that +10 stats are much less useful to mages (especially arcane raiding) compared to mana restoration - I suggest that you change the rating to +15 for greater mana restoration enchant for chest. Again other sites already recognize this as one of the top enchants for a mage ( and I suspect other cllasses). Please change this asap.

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