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Alex, let me start by saying: Wow what a great site. Honostly my question or small and i do mean small recommendation isnt in the least bit to say that what you have done isnt awesome. One of my guildies wives found ure site and recommended it and now i will be posting it on our website. One quick QQ thing though :cray: On my survival hunter his rating is lower on enchants and gems and gear based off of the fact that I'm stacking Agility to be the Expose weakness raid buff that every raid needs. For instance i could get credit for a 10 if i make myself a nethercobra leg armor as opposed to the nethercleft im using now and it would in fact increase MY dps. But for SV hunters that are going to be utility for PvE raids. The 12 agility is an extra 4 AP for everyone attacking the same target as me as long as expose is up (which raid buffed my agility is around 1000 depending on raid comp) and its up pretty much at all times. So although i could get a better rating by doing what ure recommendations id actually be hurting the total DPS of the raid. Also i do know this post is just about pointless as I've saw that in WotLK they are getting rid of Expose Weakness as a mob debuff and giving it to the hunter with it ONLY, but I'm sure there are other classes that have similar Spec related things that make them gem or enchant a certain way that maybe would be too hard to calculate for (Locks with spell hit for instance). Not sure of your thoughts but anyways no matter what I'll be a regular visitor and I think your site is GREAT!!! (also darkmoon card crusade only giving me a 100 rating but gives me 120 AP when fully up which is every boss fight and most other 25 man mobs) I think you'll also be seeing most of my guildies in here a bot also (hopefully!). keep up the good work.

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