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Enchant Cloak - Haste for DK

Post#1 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:09 pm


I am a rare breed but I am actually a duel wield dk tank! Feel free to pm me about random questions about my spec and how it works, but looking on your site I would really like it you would count haste as some points for cloak. I chanted it because it helps with threat, esp while DW. Yes i could gain the extra agl and armor but I am sure I am not the only tank that chose haste for now. If you won't update it please back up why so I may do extra researach.


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Re: Enchant Cloak - Haste for DK

Post#2 » Thu Jun 18, 2009 1:07 pm

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Inspiri, it is indeed quite an isolated case due to your circumstances. This also makes it quite hard to find relevant findings which can support or refute the effectiveness of haste as a tanking enchant in relation to other choices. Obviously, Haste has been proven to be the enchant of choice for dps DW DKs, but the problem comes in weighing that threat against the mitigation of other popular enchants; such as agility (which also provides some threat).

I think we can agree to the fact that Haste does at least have some substantial use as a tanking enchant and therefore the points rewarded will be changed to reflect this but we would need more evidence to justify scoring it as highly as the other top DK tanking enchants. If you find any supporting research for your view then please feel free to post it.

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