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Weapon enchant for mages

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:47 pm
by Grimlor
My mage has the 40/0/21 spec, Arcane-Frost.

I currently have the +40 spelldamage enchant on my weapon. ( This gives +40 spelldamage to all schools of magic.

On WoW-Heroes, this enchant is rated +8 for enchant while it is in fact, the best possible weapon enchant for my spec.

The enchants that would give me +10 would be Soulfrost ( and Sunfire ( which would respectively give +54 frost damage or +50 arcane damage to my spells.

As a typical Arcane-Frost rotation would be 3xAB+3xFB or 10xAB+2xFB depending on your mana-regen. All in all, in my opinion, a general +40 spelldamage would be more beneficial then the +50 arcane damage as you would lose 50 spelldamage on your frostbolts you're bound to cast at some point, unless you have a shadowpriest AND a shaman in your party. :p

Again, I don't think specs are being held in account (yet) and obviously for most cases the scoring would be correct. Just wanted to moan a bit. ;)

Re: Weapon enchant for mages

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 5:32 pm
by Alex
I completely agree, it should be fixed. Atm mages, rogues, hunters and locks don't have enchant recommendations sorted by spec, but it should be fixed soon. Thanks for report :)