Libram of Renewal V Libram of Tolerance

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Libram of Renewal V Libram of Tolerance

Post#1 » Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:10 am

First I would like to say as a paladin healer the former libram is my personal preference as it is as well by many others.
A link to said libram on wowhead:

This libram is superior as it helps make Holy Light which has become the primary heal more efficient.

Then we have the Libram of Tolerance:

To Quote Frmorisson in the comments on that page "This is not a good libram, since HL tends to overheal a lot anyway. Use the mana reduction off HL instead of you use a lot of HL." Every single argument there is valid, the only fights where it can be considered superior is Loathab. Add that into the four piece set bonus of tier 7 and Wisdom Seal glyph and Tolerance just doesn't stand a chance compared to Renewal.

And with the Illumination returns from a crit heal coming BEFORE reductions I would like to recommend putting the rating on Renewal compared to Tolerance at least equal if not rated higher. Hopefully someone will agree, but if there is trouble understanding why I am suggesting this I would be happy to give a more in depth view :)

.... (PS: sorry if my grammar and spelling makes you want to tear your eyes out... least it isn't caps lock?)

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