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i just upgrade my Toc258 with

Gear score is same.

But from tier 10.25 chest we get
37 Sta - main stats for tank
46 Str - main stats for threat
1243 Armor - awsome at this level
77 Parry (1.57%) - v good for ICC where you get dodge reduction

and we lose:
102 Defense (20.74) - we are overcapped at defence anyway so crap
9 Dodge (0.23%) - almost nothing and in icc realy nothing
78 Expertise (9.52) - some good stat but not main, better parry anyway
1 Sockets - still 1 socket with 30 stamina dont even is over 37 base stats from t10.25 chest.

So, with this all usefull stats, i dont get it how both of the chest can have same level.

Thank you.
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Items from heroic modes are usually awesome and can be compared to higher tier items, and some are already being re-evaluated by Blizzard. However, we will investigate this specific issue and check it out, stay tuned :)
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