ilvl 245 trinkets vs lower ilvl trinkets

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ilvl 245 trinkets vs lower ilvl trinkets

Post#1 » Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:19 am

Alright, so I've been comparing gear score and quite frankly, I'm kind of confused about trinkets. Guild mates of mine have been using the ilvl 245 trinkets and I'm still using an ilvl 213 and 219 trinket. I've gotten some ilvl 232 trinkets from the new heroics, but unfortunately, if you look at the 2 trinkets I currently have, Forethought Talisman and Spark of Hope, you'll notice that even though you get more of a boost from the use trinkets, the trinkets I'm using are actually better. Forethought talisman is one of them, 111 SP, chance on direct heals to place a hot on the target. Then there's the Spark of Hope, 100 Spirit, reduces base mana cost of spells by 42. There isn't a single direct upgrade to either of those out of all the higher ilvl trinkets out there. I'm not going to say they are bis or anything, but those things for a resto druid should far outweigh the ilvl 245 garbage from the badges. They are harder to get, offer more in terms of beneficial stats to any healer that uses spirit or direct heals, but they have a lower gearscore. Sure, I could just say screw it to up my gs and get both 245 trinkets even though they are completely worthless for me, but I don't really wanna do that just to jump up to 2800. I think you guys should take a look at all the trinkets available and weight them according to classes and such. I can see the 128 int one being great for an arcane mage, but 128 hit rating when most mages in that ilvl gear are already hit capped? come on, that's a waste of a stat. My Abyssal Rune on my shammy with 84 haste probably outdps's the 128 hit trinket with 518 or whatever haste.

edit: my druid is Fanelan on Draenor, armory him and check out those trinkets for comparison

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Re: ilvl 245 trinkets vs lower ilvl trinkets

Post#2 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:26 am

Trinkets and score are the biggest problem i know. like for me I still use the abyssal rune, i200 because it's quite good and haven't gotten anything better. Sometimes I'll log out using my i245 battlemasters trinket which is a big downgrade in DPS but +40 points in gear score just to have that higher gear score recorded.

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