Nitro Boosts for Paladin Tanks

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Nitro Boosts for Paladin Tanks

Post#1 » Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:06 pm

Nitro boost enchant for paladin tanks should not be worth 0 points, but should be considered of the top-tier enchants.

I personally do have the nitros on my tanking boots as a PoJ specced paladin, simply because I believe having the capacity to quickly cover great distance is far more potentially decisive than 22 stamina. There are numerous examples of where it can be shown beneficial, especially for the new ToC encounters: bringing fire/poison to the correct tanks/picking up infernals across the room/creating a large distance should a member get hit during an Icehowl charge, etc. Paladins were the only tank without *some* method of creating or covering a distance, this enchant balances that inequality. Now that they have removed the potential for nitro boosts failing during instances, there are no negatives to using them (as the potential threat of lost aggro was), and they also provide a threat boost thanks to the innate 24 crit.

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