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Guild Page no longer updates characters after you switch specs.

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:38 pm
by Toeroe
While the character page will update just fine (other than some enchants not counting even though they are best for my class and spec) the Guild page will only update the characters in the guild until you've switched specs and updated the character page. Once you do that the guild page will no longer update your character. I think people have tried to report this before but may have only said that their character wasn't updating and the moderator would tell them that it was working. It is working on the character page but not on the guild page after a change in spec. For instance my hunter was updating fine on the guild page until I started playing and updating my other survival and marsmanship specs. After that it wouldn't update on the guild page. Same with any of my other characters that I had played in different specs. Hope this helps clarify the problem.