Incorrect Stat Priority

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Incorrect Stat Priority

Post#1 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 2:17 am

The score system is showing the incorrect stat priority for my class (Holy Paladin)
It is showing is as Mastery>Haste>Critical Strike>Spirit when infact for my talent choice it is Critical Strike>Multistrike=Haste>Versatility>Mastery=Spirit
The reason for this is because I am not trying to raid heal, I am infact my guilds main Tank Healer, thus Sacred Shield becomes my best option instead of Selfless Healer, which by the way, the stat priority is still incorrect for. Eternal Flame is marginally worse than the other two talents in most cases because in 20 man raids you have more than 1 dedicated raid healer and your Eternal Flame ticks will do more Overhealing than straight healing.

There either needs to be a change to let us select the stat priority we use, or the site needs to read the level 45 talent choice of the player and select the stat priority based on that.

I am showing as #11 on my server because it is not giving value to my crit enchants, reducing my score value to 9215 from the 9335 it should be (which would also place me at #1 on my server)

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Re: Incorrect Stat Priority

Post#2 » Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:28 pm


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