World of logs "Latest logs" not updating.

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World of logs "Latest logs" not updating.

Post#1 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:52 am

This is in refrence to Flotin @ Stormrage
My character's world of logs is not updating (on wow-heroes, not on world of logs), but the statistics from the kills are updaitng on wow-heroes.

These reports were done on the correct realm, no realm change was done between this time. Also, it appears to have doubled one of the world of logs, I am not sure if that was caused by someone else in the group also recording, but it is there none the less. There are reports that involve kills and not wipes, and should have been put up for as far as i am aware. I have tried waiting a few days, and updating data on the wow-heroes to no avail.

Here are links to some of the reports which not showing up. ... 497&e=8983 ... 01&e=12523

On this world of logs guild calendar you can see some of my recent logs. none are showing up on wow-heroes.

Looking forward to hearing back from you on this issue!

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Re: World of logs "Latest logs" not updating.

Post#2 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:43 pm

Logs are doubled since 2 people from different guilds were logging that raid - you can check out the guild name in top left corner of both logs: ... alingDone/ - Logical Explanation ... alingDone/ - specdfood

As far as we can see, all logs are showing up properly on wow-heroes.

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