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I have several toons on Proudmoore server
US zone
that I am unable to get to load in wow-heros and my partner has the same issue with his toons
My toons names are
Sekirokuma panderan monk
Woofywolf human rogue
Voinomdraken worgen warrior
Drakonvolka worgen hunter

His toon names
Kabuboy Panderan Monk
Midranor Dwarf Paladin
Jacomar Worgen Hunter

I've always liked wow heros but have no idea what's going on when we try to pull up these toons just a blank black page comes up...
I can pull up my main toon Shadrunil no problem but then he's been arround for a while and had a wow- armory...


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Only problem why you cant find all the characters mentioned above is that they are low level characters. Wow-heroes only shows level 85 and above chars, focused on end game PvE content. Good luck with leveling :)
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