Guild name empty on progress list

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Guild name empty on progress list

Post#1 » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:48 am

My english is not as good as i would so may you have some problems to understand me.

I'm writting you from a spanish server, C'thun, our guild is Alliance, and due to a GM error since we have to change the name of our guild we have some symbols in our name. They don't like our last name so we had to change it and give it this one.. but thye take all phrase including the symbols.

Our current name is <Yo Entrené Un Magikarp>, (<,> included) as you can see all pages and HTML code have problems with < because it seems a tag. We are, on raid 10 man, the second alliance guild in our server and 30 counting Hordes ones (there are not so much alliances in Cthun so we are proud of that) but..

As in other webpages we can't see our guild name as you can see in your rank.

That's the guild armory link: ... agikarp%3E

hope can be fixed!

<Yo Entrené Un Magikarp>

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