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I compared my total gear score with that of my guildmate Illidaen.

My total gear score is higher than his, but his heroes score is higher than mine.

I also have a higher enchant score and I have a lot more epic gems than him.

That does not make any sence to me.

Or does it, even after the armory update, take your database some time to calculate and display the new accurate hero score ?
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Please give us your zone and realm so we can compare you and your friend :)

I suppose the only problem can be that u have more PvP items ,and those items get penalty for resilience.
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server is Antonidas.

And yes, he has no pvp gear at all and I have a couple pieces.

How much, in percent on the base item value, is the penalty ?

While I do agree that a lot of pvp gear is not as good as lower rated non pvp gear for pve,
there are for every class certain slots where the pvp item is clearly the best choice.
I can see that the identification of these items may be difficult for Heroes, but as long no one
can do it, we'll never have any tool that clearly tells us what toon has the better gear.

To make the item values you use to calculate your hero score more transparent I would suggest
you display the item value of items with resilence as a modified value, not the original value.
So everyone can see right away what value the item really has. This would avoid confusion and
make heroes a even more valuable tool for players to determine how good there gear is for PvE.

Keep up the good work :)
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