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to the admin of the site:

i have followed all your advise on checking the armory and your site as well as other audit sites, and i want to be sure of one thing.

are you taking your gear score uploads from wowarmory? if this is the case then no wonder my charictar hasnt been updated yet. if not, then i would like to know why when i choose the live check-box option it shows me in feral gear and specced feral as my secondary spec in duel? my current specs are: primary: balance secondarty: resto @ US, blade's edge, alliance (eagleraven)

does duel speccing contribute to the problem?

currently i agree with the other posts and am also concerned about my rating because i am also being denied on many important raids that this website as well as others say im not ready for.

plz get back to me on what can be done
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Milagros-Character is not updated wrote:
Please use "live" button and try again ,if that doesn't help you please check your character on wow armory (if armory is not updated we can't do anything to help you).
Please log off in your best PvE gear (fishing pole, PvP gear isn't good for your score) .

US armory wrote:
Eagleraven the Explorer
Alliance Gladiators
Level 80 Night Elf Druid
Feral Combat 0 / 64 / 7
Last Updated: April 21, 2009

with a same info at wow-heroes direct link
When armory update your character/gear everything will work properly at wow-heroes too.
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