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Okay i created my guild almost a month ago and we have easily done 10 man naxx and 25 man naxx no one has been pugged in or anything of the sort why haven't we moved up at all. guild name is OverTaken.
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Guild progress:
- can be updated by guild master or officers from their guild
- guild progress for all guilds is verified by achievements
- each guild need to have at least 5 guild members present on the boss kill for 10, and 15 people for 25 man to be accounted for guild progression (also verified by achievements)
- for each achievement/boss kill guild receives points, the sooner you do it, you get higher "bonus" points, but this bonus will never be higher than the amount of points you get for another achievement.
-You can create an account by clicking on "sign in" button in upper right corner on wow-heroes main page or you can use this direct link.
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