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I must say I really like this site and the features that is here.

But, I miss Block Value.

And, if its not too much a task to solve, a Avoidance/True Avoidance value would be lovely too.

Why Id love to have those numbers in is for easy comparison on tank values.

If tank A have 30k hp but a total avoidance (block, parry, dodge, miss) of 75%, he will take more damage (and therefor be a "worse" tank) than a 25k hp 100% total avoidance (as he in 5 blocks with a block value of ~1000 will have that hp in theory). [to be noted: 100% avoidance is normally not ashieveable without some sort of ability or spell, like a paladins Holy Shield, this is just an example]

And that brings me to why, as I see it, Block value would be an interesting value to track.

Difference in Avoidance and True avoindance is to include/exclude block in the value, as Blocking is more of a Mitigation than Avoidance.

Thanks for all and once again - Great Site!
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Thanks for kind words and nice suggestions :)
We're in a middle of some major adjustment at the moment, but we'll try to add your ideas asap.
Thanks again!
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