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How to greatly increase this site's popularity

Post#1 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:21 am

I really like this site, but as a focused raider, I feel that it is missing some features that could take this good site and make it into an amazing site.

1) Create a WoL parse search function similar to this ( State of DPS is no longer active for 4.2 and beyond. Add some simple filters for bosses and raid group size, as well as percentile based ranks (ie, similar to - live searches are obviously optimal), and you would get a ton of hits from officers and guild members looking at potential applicants. Not to mention people who to love to epeen.

2) Add rankings for guild's fastest kills. WoL ranks this, but most people don't know about it ( ... razor/25H/).

3) Add search filtering by patch for WoL data.

4) Work with WoW-Track or develop similar character search software ( Their character search data is simply amazing. Tie this in with previous parse data, and that becomes an even more powerful tool.

5) Filter out bugged WoL parses. I can think of several ways of doing this. The simplest would be to compare damage done to the actual boss to how much HP that boss is known to have. If the difference is greater than X% (should be pretty small window due to lag + overkill), then the parse should be thrown out.

6) Add all this data to guild pages. Let people look at a guild and see how they would rank if they were to raid with them. Fulfil every guild's epeen desire and desire to attract new potential recruits.

I understand this isn't a one hour hotfix, but I feel it would add a great deal to this site and the WoW community as a whole. This adds functionality that can be found on no other site, and I personally believe would generate a lot of traffic.

Thank you.

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