Update character in guild section when updated seperately

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Update character in guild section when updated seperately

Post#1 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:46 am

Now maybe this has been discussed but it seems very strange to me that while live guild updates are disabled, it will still load a (currently very old) cache of players, well my player is also cached in a seperate area it would seem, for the single character look ups, well, when I refresh my character, why doesn't that update the guild cache?

Isn't that a bit odd? I mean at least this way guilds would be semi up to date, even if it can't properly gather achievements etc. Just yeah, why IS my character cached twice redundantly?

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Re: Update character in guild section when updated seperatel

Post#2 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:20 am

Nah, characters are cached only once, regardless if it was a request on main page, or from live guild report. The problem is that guild report shows character in best scored spec, and that spec might have some old cache.
Paladin has 4500 score in protection spec, last seen on Aug 1st in that spec.
His second spec (lets say holy) has score 4400, and in the last 2 weeks we only see him logging off in this spec, so we can't update his prot spec/gear. So on guild page, he will be shown as protection paladin, 4500 score, last cached 18 days ago.

I hope that I wasn't too confusing with all this. I have to admit that it might be better if we just show the latest cache date, regardless of spec.

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