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Ive noticed that all gear = the same score if the same lvl at first glance nothing wrong with that.
But I was looking at 4 people in my guild me included where we have 11- 359 pieces and the rest 346.
The 2 tanks had 60 more points then I did and I found out was because of them having really nice JC gems in and im missing 2 enchants (no big deal).

But then i looked at the rogue 20 pts behind me same gear as me he has all his gems inplace and all enchants he could upgrade 2 of his enchants to get 5 more pts. So with the same gear lvl how is he that low to me and the only thing I have more then him is # of gems. He should have more pts then I do but because of having his enchants in where as I do not.

So you should make each gem slot - the score of the item = to the normal blue gem amount.
You should do this because when items do not have gem slots they have more stats to make up for that and that isnt in here.
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