Auto Achievement, and/or verifying guild progression

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Auto Achievement, and/or verifying guild progression

Post#1 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:50 am

I am sure that you've heard this before, but not in the last 100 or so posts that I could I risk saying it again ><

I had no idea up until making a post in the bug section that a guild COULD just technically sign up, claim a character with officer or GL status, and claim all sorts of achievements for their guild wether they'd earned them or not.

With that, isn't there a way to have a website automatically queue the armory say every 48 hours or so and automatically update this??? The old WowJutsu site had this, and while it done very slowly and before we had the achievement system in was automatic, and still nice.

I think it would also help clear up a lot of problems with achievements showing up that are not valid. For instance 6 of us clear Ulduar hard mode, sweet I can go update manually wow heroes here...but the achievement MIGHT not actually register on the website until the site checks to see that those 6 people have logged out with the achievement being earned. Like a checks and balance system? Maybe even develop some sort of in-game mod that would calculate this, and could be uploaded via client or even something that pulls directly from the armory?

Sure, it would be massively more intensive than anything you've done now, but it may be just the ticket we need to stop a lot os misunderstandings regarding rankings.

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Re: Auto Achievement, and/or verifying guild progression

Post#2 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:17 am

We're already doing auto guild achievement update but we also offered the option of manual update for those who don't like to wait. However, in Cataclysm we will most likely remove manual update and just track guild achievements.

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