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item upgrade list

Post#1 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:19 pm

I know u guys who do this site have no life outside this website so here a suggestion that get u something to do for a while :)

a lists of better gear. like, but that have some new features

*when you import a char u mark the item u have, so its easier to find upgrade, maybe show 3-4 under that item too since its a stat thing sometimes what u need more than other..
* do a list that u import you char and select the raid u in and get a list on all spots what u should look for in that raid.

k k i know a list like that cant be 100% but it still make you kee you eyes more open on a drop from a boss u have in your list.

so there u got something to do this weekend, and after that u kick as of all armory sites on web :)

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