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Browsing through the site I've came up with an issue concerning gear score calculating.
The issue is as follows:

Enchanters get a 30 point bonus for having their rings enchanted (15 for each ring).
Blacksmiths get points for gems in their extra sockets (don't know how many points per gem but I suppose it would be 15 as well)
Unknown - Jewelcrafters - if they get extra points for the Dragon's eye gems they have I do not know as points for that are not shown as for the enchants. I suppose not though.

And here comes the problem:
Tailors are completely ignored here with their Lightweave Embroidery which is by far better (at least for moonkins it is) than +23 haste still has no additional points (is 15 just like for the haste enchant)
Alchemy - I know it doesn't count into gear score but still - the bonus effect for flasks gives an advantage. +47 spell power for using flask of the frost wyrm which is more than the ring enchants give (2x23=46SP). Yet alchemy earns no extra points either.
Leatherworking gives a boost of +40crit - can't see any points for having that.
Mining gives extra stamina - same story

And here comes the suggestion:
Would it not be better to give extra points for having a profitable tradeskill that is not being accounted for atm? Such that are profitable for the class itself that is. Without that having BS+JC will net everyone an extra 60(?) points in the ranking over other players that don't have those skills.

Thank you in advance for any sort of comments on this.
Your truly,
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All professions have minor bonuses, but problem is that some of them are visiable and some not.
If you noticed some players with a same gear and with gear score different by 60 points like you stated please tell us their names and we will check where is the problem.
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