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The future of Wow-Heroes

Post#1 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:01 pm

First off, I would like to say thank you to the people that run it. You guys/gals have done a great job.

I'm curious as to where WH plans on going. However, like many others I use this site a lot, and would love to have some things added or considered.

Wow addon, the ability to see ones score that matches up with the site in game. This is truely what most people want, and would be nice to have. So, players wouldn't have to alt tab out to look up some ones score for he raid there about to do.

Some of the things - topics to add to the addon - site would be different score for gems. The ability to see the score of both specs if the player has duel spec but where the current spec is in bold or highlighted, etc.

The ability to check the score of one piece of gear and compare it to another. In most cases the gear with the higher ilvl is better however with trinkets, some trinkets are better then others but the ilvl will be diferent. I can see this type of tool helping players in finding in what would be an upgrade and how big. That part would help the guilds that do a loot council imo.

Another part of the site, have a gear builder as mentioned else where in the forums. This would go along with what was mentioned above, but would be more in depth. This tool - feature would allow players to build figure out their BiS acording to their class - spec. It would also show what gear to strive for and the ability to comapare gear pieces. For instance, Joe wants to change out a piece of gear, but he loses x amount of hit, in order to make up for it with out having to regem or enchant, what would be an upgrade that will provide the hit he needs either it replacing 1 piece or 2. This function over all would provide players a route or a path to follow in seeking the gear they want.

Another idea is having a guild score, this imo would be a bit tricky. It would not only base off of boss kills but gear as well. It would help those that are looking for guilds that do raids. For an example, some friends of mine and I decided to jump to another server so we could raid around the time we play. We found a couple of guilds/servers and went with one that was promasing, how ever after raiding with them a few times, we figured out they weren't exactly what they made themselfs out to be. With this, u could have a kill count, to show how many times they killed that boss. This would be a very usefull tool to have. It would also show what servers are more progressed in end game raids.

Some of the other ideas are to ahave an iphone app, to include the soem of the suggestions mentioned above. I for one would like ot haeve an iphone app, but would like an addon for ingame more.

This is what I gathered for other post and put my 2 cents on to it. Although when i read through soem of the stuf mentioned, there was a handfull of people that were willing to help out with the addon and iphone app. With ICC being out now, I imagine your guys/gals are busy. I do hope you take the time to look though this. When time permits, an addon will come out, or more featurs add to the site.

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Re: The future of Wow-Heroes

Post#2 » Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:55 pm

Thank you for kind words and suggestions, we will see how we can improve wow-heroes :)

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