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Item calculator

Post#1 » Sun Dec 06, 2009 5:46 pm

Could you add an item Calculator, so players could see what items give a higher score, ie bob runs a raid and has a chance to get to items both are almost the same but he wants to get the one that will bump up his gs. So he plugs in the item name and and it shows the gs. It would be a nice feature more so if the calculator enables a person to plug in all slots and or a specific slot.

Another thing to do would be an addon for wow, except it shows the gs of each item when a player hovers the mouse over it and also the gs when a player hovers the mouse over another player - player unitframe.

Also not sure if it's a part of it right now but to correspond the gear with the appropriate spec ie bill has a score of 2.8k but the gear is for healing, where bill came in as feral dps.

I don't mind using the gs addon that is out. But most people - raids go by wow-heroes.

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