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guild wide table tools

Post#1 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:54 pm

As a raid leader I've found one of my favorite uses for wow heroes is too search for guild wide gear tables. The icons showing me who in the guild is getting "yellow light" loot upgrade are incredibly useful. but for preparing a raid I've come across another desire. It would be really great if we could get a tab for viewing raid achievements guild wide per a player. the icons should be generalized showing perhaps the three highest progressed raids icons next too each players name. A tool tip should show me specific boss kills, or a boss achievement if the player has achieved that when a icon is moused over. it should be done elegantly knowing when not to show redundant information, for instance showing me a xt kill and heart breaker and all the bomb nurfs wouldn't be necessary, simply showing me heart breaker if applicable, or showing just the xt kill would tho. this way I can glance to see who has done some boss's in the raid with the icon displayed next to the player name, and get more detailed info simply by mousing over the raid icon. two raid icons could be used to further create convenience of these raid icons, perhaps a ulduar icon with no ring would mean the player has achieved some ulduar boss kills while a icon with a ring would imply full clear.

before this last set of patches it was very easy to tell something about raid experience from gear however with voa and welfare epics allowing players to achieve up too a 2400 gear score with no raid experience at all. It has become much harder to determine who in my guild has or has not done a particular boss in the past. Last night one of my officer sent me a tell saying "we've all done these before lets keep discriptions short" when I realized I actually didn't know how many people had done toc25 before. perhaps this is compounded by the fact that Conspiracy is no longer a small guild, but I think this feature would really help us assess how much organization is necessary before a raid day, and also make tweaks to our own internal ranking system.

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Re: guild wide table tools

Post#2 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:01 pm

Thank you for kind words and for using wow-heroes .
Unfortunately i am afraid its not possible to track achievements more then we already do on the character page. As you can see on the screen shots on the character page you can see number on badges some player collected, and done achievements (wow-heroes track only raid achievements, not PvP or heroic ones).
For guild page we will see how to implement a number tracking for achievements.
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