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[size=150]Please update characters. I have changed gloves, weapons and gems and it takes forever to get updated info. I switch equipment and it removes it and does not replace it and now i have no credit and show an empty slot.

ALSO PLEASE split the ferals AND consider spliting PVP from PVE (instances/raids). Some enchants are great for one and not the other yet we are buddled together.

AND - why is the ARMS enchant still not valued?


But also know that even though I have "whined" GREAT SITE!

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Character is not updated wrote:
Please use "live" button and try again ,if that doesn't help you please check your character on wow armory (if armory is not updated we can't do anything to help you).

Your character works properly with live report:

About ARMS enchant already answered in 2 posts:
- viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2144&p=4932#p4932

About PvP and PvE im not sure what are you talking about since wow-heroes is PvE raiding guide,we don't track PvP instances and PvP gear isn't valued the same as PvE .
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