Badly putted achieviements on Guild progress

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Badly putted achieviements on Guild progress

Post#1 » Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:33 pm

Good afternoon,

By meditating a bit on how you gents make the math of the guild progressions, i found out that the guild progression ranking ladder is not entirelly correct towards what exactly the guilds have cleared.
I think, that a guild progression status should only be derived from the bosses you killed or by the "killing achievements" that blizzard itself delivers to WoW. Those would really count for wow heroes for the truth of the progression, however, i cant stop thinking that some many others achievements are totally outplaced in reguard of what really is the meaning of guild progress.
What i would suggest dear sirs, if i may do suggest it, was to completelly take out all those achievements that are nothing more nothing less then complements to the boss itself. Its true that kill the Worms in 10 sec from each other in ToC25 or killing every faction champion 60secs way for each other might put us happy, it is also true that for a pure fact of guild progression that means squat, sry for the common verb. What matters is 1 achievement and 1 achievement only by guild progression terms, (I.E) killing anub wich will give you WoW achievement of the killing and put aside secondary things, what is important is that the guild A have killed that boss and shouldnt be in a lesser rank then a guild that killed 2 worms in 10 seconds and killed anub.
My guild could have killed every boss in every hardmore but failed into those secondary acheviements due to not be interested or whatever sordid reason we might had and we would find ourselves overpassed by guilds that perhpas would have more (dnt know if you do award points per achievements or not) those complementory achievements and less boss kills.
Imho those "secundary" achievements dnt put the truth in this ladder and are being a stockpile of unneded math making.
I ask to award in the ladder only the acheivements that really matter for a guild/realm progression wich are quarters down, wings down, bosses down and hardmodes.

With my deepest respects,
Galthanas, Grand Master of the Condemned Souls.
PS: Keep up the excelent job :clapping:

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