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To say I am lost and frustrated is an understatement - I need some serious help with my dps. I am pulling a max of about 4k but it will drop down and end up with an average dps of around 3k. Last night in 10 man ICC I ended up with 2977.

I use the standard rotation BT, WW, Slam (on proc) and HS as a rage dump when above 60%. I will normally pop Drum of Forgotten Kings and Wild and eat either a Rhinolicous Wormsteak or MegaMammoth. One thing I do, that might be wrong is I don't hit the key until the ability is, I guess you say it is off cooldown. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is. When the button lights up, I hit it and then go to the next lit up button.

I had been gemming mostly for STR but was recently told I should be getting my armor pen up. Other places I have read that arp is not that important and go for str. Which was what I used to have and my dps is terrible. What is correct?

So I am confused and really frustrated.

I use the keypad for my strikes and the mouse for movement.

I hate to do any dungeons with my guild because I am letting them down.

What am I doing wrong.

Thanks for any advice
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First thing, soft hit cap for fury warriors(who have talented into precision) is 163.95 hit rating. This will prevent your yellow attacks from missing. You are at 320 and have gems for hit, get rid of them. You should shoot for between a 260 and 300 hit rating to maximize dps, but more(or less) won't necessarily hurt you. Strength is just much more valueable.

Hard cap for hit is 700+ for fury warriors. Remember, only 8-12% of your total damage comes from melee attacks. The juice is not worth the squeeze.

Your expertise needs to be 25/25, currently yours is 24. Your most valueable dps stat until you reach the expertise cap is, you guessed it, expertise. Maybe one more expertise gem until you get some better gear.

Your cloak should be enchanted for either Greater Speed, or Major Agility, with preference to the latter.

Get rid of your armor penetration gems. You need strength right now until your armor penetration from gear alone reaches about 700-800 rating. At that point, you can swap out all your strength gems for armor penetration because it becomes worth more than strength. Every point you put into armor penetration makes it worth more relative to strength.

Your talent spec is not optimal. Look up "Landsoul" on the realm "Alterac Mountains" And copy his spec to the letter.

Your rotation should open up with whirlwind first for the first rotation, it does more damage than bloodthirst. On all further rotations you should lead with bloodthirst, because whirlwind will have 0.5 seconds left on it's cooldown when bloodthirst comes off it's. WW->BT->Slam->Bt->Slam->BT->WW.

Only use slam when bloodsurge procs. Otherwise, it pauses all your other abilities and causes a massiv dps loss. I would download the addon "slamalert" to notify you when bloodsurge is up.

Other abilities you can add in during free global cooldowns, which are the times during your rotation that you could press another button without delaying your normal rotation, are Heroic throw and victory rush. Hotbar them and use them when BT, WW, and Slam are not ready. When you become more comfortable with your rotation, you might try to sneak in a rend in a free GCD. To do this you will need to make a macro to switch into battle stance, use rend, and then switch back into 'serker stance. You will also need to include a step that does /stopcasting to prevent a loose heroic strike from rage starving you once you get back into 'serker stance. Unfortunately, if you use this macro incorrectly you will cause a large dps loss either from rage starvation, skipping a slam, or by pushing off a WW/BT by a second or more. This macro only nets you between 200 and 500dps.

Sidenote:: Another situational macro is identical to the rend macro, but with the addition of casting Retaliation while in battle stance. Use this on any fight where you take constant melee damage(marrowgar).

Heroic strike/cleave should be spammed(alongside your rotation, they do not interfere) when you are above 60 rage, and not used at all when you are under 60 rage. However, if the boss is under 20% HP, this changes to only using them at over 80 rage. The reason for this is you will have replaced slam with execute. Execute is a massive rage waster and also does massive damage.

If you do all these things and do them well, you should see yourself doing about 4-5k dps in 5 mans, 6-8k in 10 and 25 mans.

My name is Ahmatank, on realm Twisting Nether. I am a fury warrior with a 5518gs/2957wh and I do 6-7k in 5 mans, 8-9k in 10 mans, and 10k in 25 mans.

PS:: try to get a banner of victory from N TOC5 to replace that mark of supremacy.
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