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Have heard various figures but currently the popular one seems 8-9%

I am above this anyway but could someone confirm this for me.

Cheers Peeps

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163.95 - Warriors with 3/3 Precision
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Currently the hit ratings are as follow for warriors.

8% soft cap single weapon (Fine if you want to miss 30% of the time)
14% hard cap duel-wielding (Which is the category your fall under)

Most don't "need" to get to hard cap, but the closer you get to hard cap as a fury, the more damage you will deal on anything.

Note - Keep racials in mind as well, for example, dreneai only need 7%/13% due to racials.
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Note that higher hit rating means:


2. More possible critical hits due to how the meele mechanics works. Without hit and expertise crit cap is somewhere around 26% (if you include all possible +crit and +agi buffs from raid and elixirs) and increasing it more than it has no effect on raid DPS.

Your maximum hit cap is 24%, 21% with 3/3 Precision. Without it misses will occur, and every miss make me go in flames (no rage again).
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1. Honestly dont listen to those guys bro. Take it from a 8k+ dps warrior.

2. Just get 163-165 or as close as you can.

3. With that you will miss no specails.

4. Depending on your rotation you will have no problem. Maybe 2%miss on melee and nothing else.

5. Melee should be about your bottom damage. On a single target raid buffed my dps meters go,
1. heroic strike
2. bloodthirst
3. deepwounds
6. When in rotation one of your top priority is to use herioc strike almost every swing which lowers the % of miss on melee and causes deepwounds to tick alot harder. Do not use slam unless procced for insta slam. +use ww and bt every cd. When below 20% only use excicute in open gcd if you have alot of rage.

Thats all the advice i can give you. Take it easy.
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melle realy is at the bottlom of the list if your gonna be getting more hit for hardcap that would just be wasting on some other better stats...
i keep my hit at allways at 8% remember you hate 3% from talents so after that it depends on your gear on what you gem...if you have armour pen proc trinket like grim troll etc you should be hiting armour pen softcap

softcap =whatever you need so wen trinket procs you hit hardcap
hardcap = 100% i believe somewhere around 1400 rating correct me if im rong

and if your gear isnt rly that good then you should be geming str all the way
you should be able to get at least 5% hit from gear geming it isnt really ideal
and expertise i would definatly not gem because as long as your standing behind the boss you cant get blocked or parried anyway so you can get by without cap.

oh ye and more hit = more rage is true up to a point that if you crit on that hit then ye you do...but you dont rly miss melee that much anyway so if your having rageproblems then crit is the best way forwards not hit hardcap.
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