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i was wondering what a good destro build pvp is cause lord knows i hate shadowfury please send me one if ya can thanx happy hunting!
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So far the best build will be destro 13/0/58 and the rotation (as i am using it right now) :

Life Tap + Curse Of Doom + Immolate + Conflagrate + Chaos Bolt + Incinerate x3

Now i experience a few problems with this built:

- Since the last patch it seems thatevery boss is inmune to conflagrate so the DPS is highly affected. :banghead:

- Life tap needs a huge amount of spirit to be usefull, but based on the current gear you can get, it means to sacrifice haste and raise the hit above the cap which if i am not wrong should be 464.

- If i test my DPS using the dummy on Orgrimar or Undercity i reach 3000 dps (there are a few items i need to upgrade) but as soon i start a dungeon my DPS drops to 2300 - 2600 top.


this numbers are based on Recount, i dont fell that is really accurate since other players on H dungeons or raids have show me the results they obtain and they got a difference 200 - 300 points higher than what i got on my recount report.

Also if i run the "Real time" graphic report on recount it shows 4k to 5k DPS whithout making any change.

Most likely i am doing something wrong (and i am still trying to figure it out what :lol: ) but the results are way better than using the demo or afflic builts.
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