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Coty wrote:
I've gone combat and assassination. I am an assassination rogue at the moment. I was combat when I started. You see, I switched to assassination when I got a good dagger for it; I am doing very well this way.
My spec is: 51/13/7

I duel weirld daggers and use the following rotation:
1.Open with Garrote, if possible.
2.Slice and Dice
3.Hunger for Blood
5.Eviscerate or Envenom (to refresh SnD)
6.Multilate to 5 CP
8.Mutlilate to 5 CP
10.go to 6
11.Refresh Hunger for Blood every minute.
12.Shiv where appropriate

I hit 8k DPS in Onyxia with 2 pieces of T9. I thought it went well. (:
But assassination's rotations are more complicated than combat's.

i know you Fan of knives on that. lol.

and spec and rotation is all wrong now. Shouldnt even mention Eviscerate for Assassination. It's all about envenom now especially when it does not consume deadly poison and small buffs you to get quicker procs on poison

and Please check out my NEW 3.3 best specs Post
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Your progression at this point in the expansion is the determining factor on what your spec should be. With the new heroic gear and badge farming at the very least you can be ToC geared pretty fast as a fresh 80. For ToC Mutilate is by far the best spec, most of the fights in here are stationary fight were you will see mutilate shine the most. Geming for mutilate and every other spec is debatable now with the ap poison nerf. I have personally tried ap and agility with both combat and mutilate and dont see a visable diffrence, post nerf. For ICC how ever due to the movement fights,reaqisition of trash and the amount of armor pen on the gear from the raid i suggest you go combat, which is my current spec atm. Geming combat can be tricky. I recomend geming agility or ap(your preference, as i stated i see no notable diffrence after nerf) until your achiev at minimum 50% arp from gear alone then it is safe to gem arp, but when u gem arp its all arp, no haste no crit just arp. The goal here is to attempt to hit the hard cap which is 1400/100%. I hope this has cleared things up for you.
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